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Introducing Magnum Python Bindings

Dur­ing the past four months, Mag­num be­gan its ad­ven­ture in­to the Python world. Not just with some au­to­gen­er­at­ed bind­ings and not just with some au­to­gen­er­at­ed Sphinx docs — that sim­ply wouldn’t be Mag­num enough. Brace your­selves, this ar­ti­cle will show you ev­ery­thing.

Introducing Guest Posts

One of the goals while build­ing the new Mag­num web­site was to low­er the bar­ri­er for con­tribut­ing con­tent. With Git and GitHub it’s al­ready very easy to con­trib­ute code to the project it­self, so why not ex­tend that to the web­site as well?